Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer Release Notes

Updated: June 14, 2024

What's new in NEV 2.3.1


Improved Compatibility With Microsoft Office Files

This release brings additional compatibility for complex Microsoft Office files, especially in cases where using advanced features could lead to missing content during display.

Noteworthy Changes

  • Annotations are now shown when taking actions, including when redacting content.

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More information about released changes and fixed bugs is available in our bug tracking tool.

NEV Release Notes Summary

Version Notes
NEV 2.3.0 Improves compatibility when viewing microsoft office files
NEV 2.2.1 Security and bugfix release
NEV 2.2.0 Introduces content redaction
NEV 2.1.4 Security update
NEV 2.1.3 Authenticate to NEV only, from a third-party system
NEV 2.1.2 Bugfix release
NEV 2.1.0 Major observability improvements and bugfixes.
NEV 2.0.0 Major version with new features, UI improvements, architectural changes, bug fixes, and improvements.
NEV 2021.1.1 Download with FDF annotations support