NEV 2021.1.1

Updated: June 14, 2024

What's new in NEV 2021.1.1


NEV Version 2021.1.1
ARender version 4.2.0.NX1.4
Release date February 25th 2021
Upgraded components ARender software, Previewer (ARender connector), Nuxeo addon (nuxeo-arender package)


Download with FDF Annotations

The "Download with FDF annotations" action allows downloading a document as a PDF with annotations in the Forms Data Format (FDF). Then, you can for instance open the document in Adobe Reader and see the annotations as if you have created them into Adobe Reader.

See NEV-323.

Major Fixes

ARender Broker and Renderer stability improvement

ARender Broker and Renderer services were crashing and restart at the same time due to healthcheck probes instability.

See NEV-381.

Slowness and Preview Failures With High Volume of Users

Deadlocks on the Document File Storage micro-service involved slowness and rendering failures.

See NEV-399.

Share the OkHttp ConnectionPool to Avoid Thread Leak

We improved the OkHttp ConnectionPool management to avoid thread leak and slowness for the users.

See NEV-401.

Upgrade Java From 12-ea+29 to at Least 12+33

We upgraded the Java version on ARender containers as the previous version has a bug for some Intel CPUs, see

See NEV-395.