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Create a task assignment alert

Updated: July 17, 2023

Here, we want to create the template of the email that will be sent to the users with "Document Validation" permission to notify them that they have a document to review. This template will be used in the operation chain used to assign the validation task to users, using the "Send E-Mail" operation (see next step: Create a button that triggers the task assignment).

Create the mail template as described on the how-to How to Customize Email Templates, with the parameters below.

Field Content
ID validationWorkflow_mail
Content Hello,<br /> <br /> The user ${Context['UserFirstName']} ${Context['UserLastName']} needs your approval for the following document :<br /> <br /> Title : ${Document['dc:title']}<br /> <br /> Description : ${Document['dc:description']}<br /> <br /> Creation date : ${Document['dc:created']}<br /> <br /> Link to the document : <a href="${docUrl}">${Document['dc:title']}</a><br />\

The context Variables UserFirstName and UserLastName are here to pass into a mail template the values of CurrentUser.FirstName and CurrentUser.LastName. To load these variables, you just need to put into the chain the blocks « Execution Context > Set Context Variable ».


Parameter 1

parameter 2


Execution Context > Set Context Variable

name: UserLastName

value: @{CurrentUser.LastName}


Execution Context > Set Context Variable

name: UserFirstName

value: @{CurrentUser.FirstName}

Sending an email to a group of users

You can use the block « Users & Groups > Get Principal Emails » in order to load the list of users sharing the same permission (field permission) into the variable chosen into the variable name field.