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Nuxeo Platform Feature Table

Updated: July 17, 2023

Feature Available inCommentDocumentation
Document Types  
AgendaNuxeo Agenda Nuxeo Agenda user documentation
AudioNuxeo DAM Nuxeo DAM documentation
CollectionDefault distribution 

DomainDefault distribution  
Email folderNuxeo IMAP connector Nuxeo IMAP Connector user documentation
EventNuxeo Agenda Nuxeo Agenda user documentation
Dropbox documentsNuxeo Live Connect Nuxeo Live Connect documentation
FileDefault distribution Files user documentation
FolderDefault distribution Folders user documentation
ForumDefault distribution Forums user documentation
Google Drive documentsNuxeo Live Connect Nuxeo Live Connect documentation
NoteDefault distribution Notes user documentation
Ordered folderDefault distribution Folders user documentation
Personal workspaceDefault distribution  
PictureNuxeo DAM Nuxeo DAM documentation
SectionDefault distribution Sections user documentation
WorkspaceDefault distribution Document Types
Workspace templatesDefault distribution  
VideoNuxeo DAM Nuxeo DAM documentation
Document Creation  
Bulk importDefault distribution 

Cloud files creationNuxeo Live Connect Nuxeo Live Connect documentation
FormDefault distribution Document creation user documentation
HTML 5 drag and dropDefault distribution 

Metadata processing at importDefault distribution Binary Metadata
Document Modification  
AttachmentsDefault distribution  
Bulk edit


Cloud files editionNuxeo Live Connect Nuxeo Live Connect documentation
Copy/paste/moveDefault distribution Copying and Moving Documents
FormDefault distribution  
Lock /UnlockDefault distribution  
HistoryDefault distribution  
VersioningDefault distribution 

Version / Document comparison


Desktop Integration   
Edit in native application from web applicationNuxeo Drive 

Metadata edit from desktopNuxeo Drive 

User documentation

Offline synchronizationNuxeo Drive 

User documentation


Approval workflowDefault distribution 

Parallel workflowDefault distribution 

Content routingDefault distribution 

Workflow analyticsNuxeo Review Workflows Dashboards  
Publication approval workflowDefault distribution 

Publication targetsDefault distribution Setting Publication Targets
Publication to media hosting websitesNuxeo Media PublishingPublication of videos to YouTube and Wistia.Nuxeo Media Publishing documentation
Dashboard (static)Default distribution 

Tree structure browsingDefault distribution Browsing Content
TagsDefault distribution 

Virtual navigationNuxeo Virtual Navigation Nuxeo Virtual Navigation developer documentation
Security / Permissions  
Read / Edit / Manage permissionsDefault distribution 

Deny permissionsDefault distributionRequires configuration 
User invitationsDefault distributionAlso available as an independent Marketplace package 
Time-based permissionsDefault distribution  
Search on permissionsDefault distribution  
Permission purgeDefault distribution  
Permission AuditNuxeo Groups and Rights Audit 

Additional Features 
Alerts / FollowDefault distribution Collaborative Features - Alerts documentation
AnnotationsNuxeo DAMPictures only.Nuxeo DAM documentation
CommentsDefault distribution  
PreviewDefault distribution 

RelationsDefault distribution 

TrashDefault distribution 

ThumbnailDefault distribution Developer documentation
Excel export of content viewDefault distribution  
PDF export of documentsDefault distribution  
XML exportDefault distribution  
Zip exportDefault distribution  
Local Configuration 
Advanced search configurationDefault distribution  
Document content configurationDefault distribution  
Document types configurationDefault distribution  
Faceted search configurationFaceted search  
Theme configurationDefault distribution  
User-Related Features 
User profileDefault distribution  
Advanced search   
ElasticsearchDefault distribution  
Faceted searchDefault distributionThe Search tab default form (Elasticsearch) replaced the old Faceted search package. 
Full text searchDefault distribution  
Quick searchDefault distributionComes with suggestion and Elasticsearch by default. 
Quick search with suggestionDefault distribution  
CAS2 AuthenticationCAS2 Authentication CAS2 Authentication documentation
Kerberos integrationKerberos Authentication Kerberos Authentication documentation
LDAP authenticationDefault distribution  
SAML 2.0 AuthenticationSAML 2.0 Authentication SAML 2.0 Authentication documentation
Shibboleth integration


Application Administration  
MonitoringDefault distribution, Nuxeo Datadog reporterSome monitoring features are available by default in the Admin tab of the Nuxeo Platform. You can complete these features by using addons, such as Nuxeo Datadog reporter.

Nuxeo Online ServicesDefault distribution  
OAuth configurationDefault distribution  
Password encryption in configuration filesDefault distribution 

Power usersDefault distribution  
Update CenterDefault distribution  
User and GroupsDefault distribution  
VocabulariesDefault distribution