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Workflow Use Cases

Updated: July 17, 2023

Simple Workflow Example

Company C has decided to be more rigorous on proposals sent by the sales team. A workflow has to be set up so that each proposal is reviewed by the head of operations, this one being able to decide of an additional juridical control.

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Sub Workflow Example

The subworkflow functionality is the ability to call a workflow from another workflow (creating inception-like workflows), and to pass it variables along the way. The main workflow is suspended while the subworkflow runs, and resumes when the subworkflow ends.

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Workflow Escalation Rules Example

The company OhMyDoc has decided to set up a validation workflow for its press releases, with due dates and automatic escalation to the next step of the workflow after a defined period.

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One step validation flow based on lifecycle only

In this tutorial we will implement a chained workflow, that enables to validate a document in one step. We will make sure to store a few important dates on the document and we will log important steps into the document's history. Also, we will make sure that during this workflow, people receive consistent email notifications.

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