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Functional tour

Updated: July 17, 2023

Here is the use case we want to implement:

  1. The administrator creates a new workspace:
  2. He assigns permissions "Write" and "Validation" to user Jack:
  3. He creates a new document by drag and drop, this document is in state "Project":
  4. He clicks on "Request validation" link, on the top right part of the screen:
  5. Jack logs in
  6. He goes to his dashboard and sees he has a new task:
  7. He clicks on it and falls on the summary tab, with, at the end, the detail of the task. If you have a look at assignees, it is actually all the users that have the permission "Validation" on the document:
  8. He accepts the task, the state of the document goes to "Approved":
  9. If he goes to the audit, he will see the event "Document Validated", as well as the history of the task creation, etc. ...