Getting Started

Discover Nuxeo Platform APIs

Updated: March 18, 2024

This tutorial will guide you on a tour of the Nuxeo Platform and its features through its APIs.

The tutorial is composed of the following steps:

1. Setting up Your Nuxeo Environment

This how-to is the first step of the tutorial Getting Started with the Nuxeo Platform, allowing you to explore the Nuxeo Platform through its REST API. It provides instructions for installing and running a Nuxeo Platform instance using Docker, Homebrew or the ZIP package.

2. Setting up Your JavaScript Environment

This how-to is about installing Node.js and the Nuxeo JavaScript Client, and creating a few users in your Nuxeo Platform instance that you will need later in the tutorial.

3. Manipulating Documents

Learn how to manipulate documents (creation, update, state change, deletion...) and launch queries through the REST API.

4. Handling Permissions

Learn how to set up permissions on a structure and see the results of a security policy.

5. Managing Files

Learn how to upload files on your Nuxeo server and attach them to a document.

6. Retrieving Audit Log

Retrieve a document's audit log to gather its history. All actions made on a document are stored in this audit log for security review purpose.

7. Using Renditions

Learn how to convert an office file and an image to other formats and sizes.

8. Using Workflows

Learn how to manage a contract validation workflow using the REST API. Log in as different users to see the whole process and process tasks.

9. Using Automation

This page briefly presents what the Automation module is about. You can read the full conceptual explanation for a complete understanding.