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Data and Configuration Changes between Nuxeo Versions

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As for the API, we have to conciliate stability and innovation. That means we want backward compliance, slow deprecation and transparent changes for a smooth user experience on upgrades.

Here's what can be done when some changes are required on data or configuration.


The method ConfigurationGenerator.checkForDeprecatedParameters() helps to manage the migration of deprecated configuration parameters.


Migration Scripts

If a migration script is required, then:

  • Prefix its name with the current Nuxeo version
  • Attach it to the related JIRA issue
  • Add it to the source code under nuxeo-distribution/nuxeo-server-tomcat/src/main/resources/tomcat/bin/upgrade-XX-YY/
  • Reference it in the relevant sub-page of Upgrading the Nuxeo Platform

In the script header, specify:

  • The source if it's a third-party copy (modified or not)
  • The related JIRA issue reference
  • A short description and the script usage
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