Nuxeo Core Developer Guide

Functional Testing

Updated: April 3, 2024

Using Nuxeo Tools for Functional Testing

Look at for instructions and samples.

Selenium Sample

You will have to create such a structure in your project:

|-- assembly.xml (copied from tools-nuxeo-ftest/assembly.xml.sample)
|-- data (containing resources for your tests)
|-- pom.xml (copied from tools-nuxeo-ftest/pom.xml.sample)
`-- tests (containing Selenium HTML tests suites)

Then, run:

mvn integration-test -f ftest/selenium/pom.xml [-DnuxeoURL=http://otherURL/] [-Dsuites=...] -P[tomcat|jboss]

The results will be in ftest/selenium/target/ and named result-{yourSuiteName}.html.