Nuxeo Core Developer Guide

IntelliJ IDEA Setup

Updated: June 5, 2024

Download and Install IntelliJ IDEA

You can download the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA from Jet Brains, the official website. It supports all the platforms including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. IntelliJ has two editions: Community Edition and Ultimate Edition. Nuxeo sources code work with both of them. Once downloaded, install IntelliJ IDEA with your own preferences.

Import Nuxeo Source Code into IntelliJ IDEA

We assume that you've cloned the Nuxeo source code successfully. If it's not the case, please go back to the previous section, Getting the Nuxeo Source Code, to see how to do it.

Before importing Nuxeo source code, you need to configure the VM options for importer to increase the importation capacity. Open IntelliJ, a welcome menu will be shown. On the right bottom of menu, click Configure > Preferences. Then search VM options for importer and set it to:

-Xms1g -Xmx4g

Now import Nuxeo source code as Maven project. In the default welcome menu, choose Import Project, then find the Nuxeo root folder and select the POM file pom.xml. Afterwards, enable Maven import options as the following:

  • Import Maven projects automatically
  • Create IntelliJ IDEA modules for a aggregator projects (with 'POM' packaging)
  • Create module groups for multi-module Maven projects
  • Keep source and test folders on reimport
  • Exclude build directory (%PROJECT_ROOT%/target)
  • Use Maven output directories

Later, you will need to:

  • Choose Maven profiles:
    • A Nuxeo developer will choose the profile qa or qapriv
    • Other users will likely choose Nuxeo
    • More advanced options are mentioned in Configure Repositories
  • Choose Project SDK: use JDK 8
  • Edit name to create a new IntelliJ project: default

After that, the configuration is finished. IntelliJ will create a project for you, the entire process (Maven import) will take a few minutes, please be patient.

Advanced Configurations

This section is optional.

Customize VM Options

If you want to improve the performance of IntelliJ, you can customize the VM options. Click Help > Edit Custom VM Options.... If there's no existing configuration file, IntelliJ will help you to create one. Then edit the content with your preferred values:

# custom IntelliJ IDEA VM options


Configure Nuxeo Code Style

Download and install plugin Eclipse Code Formatter. Then, you need to configure it using the tools folder of the top-level repository.

  • Enable the plugin.
  • Import Eclipse Java Formatter config file from the tools folder of Nuxeo source code nuxeo/tools/nuxeo_formatter.xml.
  • Optimize import order from file nuxeo/tools/nuxeo.importorder.

To avoid IntelliJ IDEA replacing imports with *, you need to configure the Class count to use import with ‘*’ and Names count to use static import with ‘*’ preferences:

  • Go to Preferences > Editor > Code Style > Java.
  • Set a big value for both preferences, such as 500.
  • Save.

Congratulations! Now everything is done. Enjoy IntelliJ IDEA, your capable and ergonomic IDE!