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Updated: July 11, 2024

How do I get started?

The Nuxeo Cloud team will set up and deploy the Production, Pre-Production and Development Sandbox Environments.

We ask for up to 1 week notice before deploying the Environments and typically handle this as part of completion of the Nuxeo Cloud procurement process. If required, expedited requests can be supported.

In order to set up all environments we work with a combination of our customer contacts and Nuxeo resources to gather the following information:

  • User Location - used to determine which AWS region to deploy the environment
  • Customer Technical Contact - to help with any issues that arise as part of environment deployment
  • Studio Users - used to provide access to the Development Sandbox (if one was purchased)

After the Production and Pre-Production environments have been deployed the Customer Technical Contact, and any additionally identified users, will be provided with the login credentials.

Environment Requests, like Deployment Requests are managed via JIRA Requests. The primary method for working and communicating with the Nuxeo Cloud team is JIRA.

Our primary goal with the Environment Set Up process is to get our customers moving forward as soon as possible.