Nuxeo Cloud

Nuxeo Cloud Addons

Updated: June 20, 2024

Development Sandbox

Nuxeo Cloud customers can purchase a Development Sandbox as part of the standard cloud offering. The Dev Sandbox provides customers with 2 Nuxeo Environments and access to a pre-configured CI/CD chain to manage the building, publishing and deploying of changes to the sandbox environments.

Additional Environments

Nuxeo Cloud customers can choose to purchase additional environments. These additional environments can be used to support additional training or testing efforts.

Nuxeo Drive

Nuxeo Cloud customers have the option to purchase Nuxeo Drive to support their users. Nuxeo Drive documentation is available here.

Content Delivery Network

Customers can enable content delivery network support for improving the delivery time of content to users in different locations.

Improved Disaster Recovery Objectives

Nuxeo Cloud customers can choose to purchase additional disaster recovery options including:

  • Improved RPO or RTO times
  • Support for additional “stand by” environments