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Nuxeo OpenSocial

Updated: October 16, 2020

This add-on is deprecated since Nuxeo Platform 6.0.

Nuxeo OpenSocial is an add-on that brings OpenSocial containers to the Nuxeo Platform. It adds a customizable dashboard to end-users and activity charts to administrators.


Nuxeo OpenSocial requires no specific installation steps. It can be installed like any other package from the Marketplace or from the Admin Center.

After the package is installed, you get the following elements in the Admin tab:

  • A Dashboard tab
  • A Activity charts tab in the Activity tab

All users also have a new customizable dashboard.


OpenSocial in Nuxeo can be configured through the GWT Container parameters.

GWT Container Parameters

There are some parameters you can pass to the GWT container, through the getGwtParams() function, to customize the way it works.

Here are the definitions of the different parameters:

  • dndValidation: 'true' if the container should wait the validation of the drag and drop before doing the actual move, 'false' otherwise. If the parameter is not present, default to 'false'.

  • showPreferences: 'true' if the gadget preferences need to be displayed after adding a gadget, 'false' otherwise. If the parameter is not present, default to 'true'.

  • resetGadgetTitle: 'true' if the gadget title needs to be after its addition to the container, 'false' otherwise. If the parameter is not present, default to 'true'.

  • userLanguage: this parameter is used to store the user language. The user language is used to internationalize the gadgets title by creating the corresponding Locale. If this parameter is not present, we fallback on the default Locale when trying to retrieve the label.

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