Updated: July 17, 2023

The platform already provides multiple clients for accessing the platform remotely. We also provide a test suite from which you can get inspiration if you want to write a new client for Nuxeo (for example in C#, in C, ...) and want to assert your level of compliance.

  • JavaScript Client
  • Java Automation Client — Nuxeo provides a high level client implementation for Java programmers: Nuxeo Automation Client API simplifies your task since it handles all the protocol level details.
  • iOS Client
  • PHP Automation Client — A PHP automation client is made available on GitHub. You can use it and ask for commit rights on the project if you want to improve it or fix a bug. The project contains the library and some sample use cases.
  • Using a Python Client — Alternatively you can use the standard library of Python to access a Nuxeo repository using the Content Automation API. Here is a worked example with screencast that demonstrates how to deploy a custom server side operation developed in Java using the Nuxeo IDE and a client Python script that calls it: Exploring Nuxeo APIs: Content Automation.
  • Client API Test suite (TCK) — This chapter provides a test suite that can be used to test the implementation of an automation client library.
  • Android Client
  • Using cURL — In this example we are using the UNIX curl command line tool to demonstrate how to invoke remote operations.
  • .NET Client — Nuxeo .NET Client is a cross-platform client library developed in C# for the Nuxeo Automation and REST API.