JSF UI Framework

Layout & Widget How-To Index

Updated: July 17, 2023

Title Excerpt Topics Level
Getting Started with Nuxeo IDE Learn how to start working with Nuxeo IDE. Automation, Layout Intermediate
How to Add Field Validation Learn how to create a validator on a field with Nuxeo Studio and Nuxeo IDE. Layout, JSF, Validation Advanced
How to Add a JSF Form Validation Learn how to add a JSF form validation to a JSF component to validate a field. Layout, JSF, Validation Advanced
How to Add a New Widget to the Default Summary Layout Learn how to insert a new widget to the default Summary layout so that's displayed on all document Summary pages. Layout, Web UI Advanced
How to Control the Display Mode of a Widget Learn how to be able to control the display mode of a widget. Nuxeo Studio enables you to implement your requirements using an expression when you configure your widget. Layout, Widget Advanced
How to Create a N-Level Select Widget Learn how to create a selection widget with 3 levels by contributing a "template widget" in Studio. Layout, Widget Advanced
How to Customize the Drive Metadata Edit Layouts Learn how to use a customized layout on the Metadata edit of Nuxeo Drive. Layout, Nuxeo Drive Intermediate
How to Customize the HTML5 Drag and Drop Import with Metadata Form Learn how to customize the drag and drop HTML5 import with metadata form. Drag and Drop, Layout Beginner
How to Impact Another JSF Component from a Command or Select Learn how to impact another JSF component from a Command or Select. Layout, JSF Advanced
How to Make a Selection Based on the Value of Another Value in a Layout Use the extensibility features of the Select2 widget to make a selector which can suggest values based on a different widget's value Layout Intermediate
How to Set a Default Date on a Field at Document Creation Learn how to set a default date on a field at document creation using Nuxeo Studio's event handlers and automation chains. Layout, Event Advanced
How to Use a Generic Widget in Layouts Learn how to use a generic widget in Studio. Layout, Widget Advanced