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How to Upload Labels Translations in Nuxeo Studio (i18n)

The Nuxeo Platform relies on standard i18n principles for translating texts in the user interface. You need to upload a .properties file, suffixed with a four letter locale code depending on the language you target. Studio enables to upload properties files that will be deployed with the customization plugin. It can be useful:

  • To translate new labels that appear in the plugin, such as form's fields name, lifecycle transition names, document type names, new vocabularies' labels, etc
  • To override existing labels definitions (when you want to change existing translations).

There is no naming rules for i18n keys: you can use the key format that is most convenient for you and use it directly in the .properties file.

To upload english translations for your plugin:

  1. Prepare a properties file named messages_en_US.properties with keys and label values like this one. For instance, if you have a document type called "ProfessionalServiceProposal", you can put add the following line in the file: ProfessionalServiceProposal = Professional service proposal Example :
  2. Go to Resources and upload the file in the i18n files section.
  3. You can do it again with other languages, adding other files: messages_fr_FR.properties (French), messages_es_ES.properties (Spanish), messages_ar_SA.properties (Arabic), ... (take a look at How to Translate Nuxeo for a list of all the codes available)
  4. Update your Nuxeo instance with your Studio customizations.
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