JSF UI Framework

Standard Action Types

Updated: July 17, 2023

A series of action types is available for the most basic uses cases.

Link actions display a command link, and can be ajaxified or not.

View online reference: http://showcase.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/layoutDemo/linkAction

Bare link actions display links to external URLs.

View online reference: http://showcase.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/layoutDemo/bare_linkAction


Fancybox actions open a FancyBox (aka modal panel) when the button is clicked. The fancybox content can either be a XHTML template fragment, or a complete iframe.

Note that fancybox actions cannot currently be used as form actions (e.g present forms that can be submitted inside another form) as nested sub-forms are not supported.

When referencing a XHTML template via the include property, if this template holds a form, it should be using the variable fancyboxFormId as its form id for the fancybox to be reopened on validation errors.

The bulk edit action can be taken as an example, see the action "CURRENT_SELECTION_EDIT" registration and referenced template.

View online reference: http://showcase.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/layoutDemo/fancyboxAction

Rest document link actions display a link to a given document view. These actions are used to display document tabs, as they can reference a tab to be marked as currently selected.

View online reference: http://showcase.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/layoutDemo/rest_document_linkAction


Main tab actions display a link to a given module/application, for instance "Home", "Document Management" or "Admin Center".

These actions are not really tabs, because the content of the "tab" depends on the view, not on the corresponding action configuration. They use a specific action type to resolve specific Navigation URLs and current document restoration depending on the module/application.

View online reference: http://showcase.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/layoutDemo/main_tabAction


Widget actions are mainly useful when building incremental layouts: they allow to display a given widget (on a summary page for instance) depending on action filters and orders configuration (for a given category of actions).

View online reference: http://showcase.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/layoutDemo/widgetAction


Template actions are useful to display a custom content freely. For instance, they're used to display the search box on the top right corner.

View online reference: http://showcase.nuxeo.com/nuxeo/layoutDemo/templateAction

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