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Content View How-To Index

Updated: August 27, 2021

Title Excerpt Topics Level
How to Add a New Virtual Navigation Entry Learn how to configure a virtual navigation view with Nuxeo Studio. Content View, Virtual Navigation, Vocabulary Intermediate
How to Configure a New Default Search Form in the Search Tab Learn how to add a new search search Content View, Elasticsearch, Query Beginner
How to Configure a Search Filter With Facets and Other Aggregates Learn how to use the Elasticsearch aggregate widgets. Content View, Elasticsearch, Query, Widget Intermediate
How to Customize the Default Content and Trash Listings Learn how to customize the default content and trash listings using Nuxeo Studio. Content View Intermediate
How to Define a New Content View Learn how to configure a new content view with Nuxeo Studio. Content View Beginner
How to Disable by Coverage and by Subjects Virtual Navigations Learn how to disable the existing By Coverage and By Subjects virtual navigations with Nuxeo Studio. Content View, Virtual Navigation Advanced
How to Display Non-Folderish Documents (Files, Note, ...) in the Left Tree Learn how to display non-folderish documents in the left tree with Nuxeo Studio. Content View Advanced
How to Enable Drag'n Drop and New Button on a Custom Content View Make a custom content view look like the default Content tab. Content view, Tab, Web UI Beginner
How to Fetch Documents with a Query on Date Parameters Learn how to make it possible to process documents depending on a date parameter. Automation, Content view Intermediate
How to Make a Page Provider or Content View Query Elasticsearch Index Learn how to make a content view query Elasticsearch instead of the Core API. Content view, Elasticsearch, Query Beginner

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