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Updated: December 6, 2021

The preview enables you to see an insight of your document.

Several means to preview documents are available.

  • For office and PDF documents: Click on the icon next to the attachment name on the Summary tab. The preview opens in a new browser tab.
    This preview leverages pdf.js by Mozilla.
  • For all documents on the Summary tab of a document, click on More > Preview. The document preview is displayed in a popup window.
    This preview leverages the Nuxeo Platform preview module.
  • You can also preview a document along with its main metadata on the Info-View pop-up, accessible from any thumbnail listing.

Supported Formats and Requirements

The table below shows for which file formats the preview is available. The installation of third-party software is required for some formats of the list below.


To preview files in the formats AI, EPS, PSD and TIFF, the created document must be a 'Picture' and not 'File' type.

File formatPreview supported


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