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Web UI

Updated: November 8, 2022

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Getting Started with Nuxeo Web UI.

Nuxeo Web UI is a responsive application with three main layout regions:

Web UI
Web UI

  1. The header toolbar
  2. The side menu
  3. The main view

Header Toolbar

Header toolbar
Header toolbar

  1. Domain: The title of the selected page / document.
  2. Sub-Views: The sub-views available.
  3. Quick search: Search by keywords or users.

Side Menu

The menu displays different tabs. Clicking on one of them will open a side panel with the content of the tab selected: browsing options are on the first left column, content to browse on the second and content to view on the main area. We will see the description of the main area on the last part of this section.

Side Menu
Side Menu

This new pattern allows to start browsing without changing the context of work.

Dashboard Home Dashboard: Displays the dashboard
Browse Side Menu Browse: Shows the navigation tree to let you browse your content
Recently Viewed Side Menu Recently Viewed: Shows the 10 last documents viewed
Searches Side Menu Search Filters: Search content using full text and metadata
Expired Side Menu Expired Queue: Queue displaying expired documents
Assets Side Menu Assets: Search multimedia files (pictures, audio and video). Requires DAM add-on installation.
Tasks Searches Side Menu Tasks: Shows the list of pending workflow tasks
Favorites Side Menu Favorites: The list of documents added to Favorites
Collections Side Menu Collections: The list of collections you can access
Personal Space Side Menu Personal Space: Access to your personal workspace, which is the default location for your Favorites and Collections folders
Clipboard Side Menu Clipboard: Clipboard to copy and move documents
Trash Search Side Menu Trash: Search deleted documents using full text and metadata
Administration Side Menu Administration: Displays the Administration tab when the user is an administrator
User Settings Side Menu User Settings: Displays a Themes tab to manage branding and possibly other tabs depending on Nuxeo addons installed. For instance when Nuxeo Drive is installed a Drive tab is available to manage the user's synchronization roots.

Main View

The main view display depends on what has been selected on the side menu. The main view will usually show lists of documents or a document and its details. Lists of documents are presented in a table that proposes different functionalities like infinite scroll instead of pagination, faceted filters in the header, easy columns selection with persistence of the user's choice and a great visibility of selected elements.

At the top of the main view toolbars are displayed according to the content being displayed:

Document Actions: Displays actions available for the current document

Document Action Toolbar
Document Action Toolbar

Results Actions: Displays actions available for the current result listing

Results toolbar
Results toolbar

A create button Create Button is also permanently displayed at the bottom right corner of the main view the to let you create or import documents from anywhere in the application.