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Editing Content

Updated: March 18, 2024

Editing a document consists in modifying its content (i.e. the attached file of a file document, the text of a note, etc.), as well as simply editing the title, description or any property of the document.

You can also edit documents using Nuxeo Drive. For more information, see Nuxeo Drive Editing Documents.

Editing Properties

Properties of the documents, a.k.a. metadata, ensure that the document is referenced more accurately. Some properties are automatically filled in by the system, but most of them need to be filled in by users. When you create a document (file, note, workspace, section, or any other document type), its properties are empty.

The Nuxeo Platform uses Dublin Core metadata by default, although not all of them are displayed to the user by default. Dublin Core metadata is:

Nature Nature of the document. Values come from the nature vocabulary.
Subjects Topic(s) of the document. Values come from the I10nsubjects vocabularies.
Rights Information about the reproduction rights of the document. Rights informations often encompass Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright.
Source The references of the resource from which the document's content is derived (totally or partially).
Coverage Information about the geographic reach of the document. Values come from the I10ncoverage vocabulary.
Created at Date automatically filled in by the system when the document is created.
Last modified at Date automatically filled in by the system when the document is modified.
Format Format of the document, if any is preferred.
Language Language used in the document.
Expire on Date on which the document stops being valid. Click on the calendar icon to select a date. This date is not indexed in the system. It is just in indication for users but it is not processed by the application.
Author User who created the document. This field is automatically filled in by the system.
Contributors Users who modified the document. This field is automatically filled in by the system.
Last contributor Last user who modified the document. This field is automatically filled in by the system.

Although properties are not mandatory, filling them in will make your documents easier to find using Nuxeo search engine.

To edit a property:

  1. Click on the Edit button in the document actions toolbar
  2. Edit the metadata that you want.
  3. Once it is done, click on SAVE.

Moving Documents Using Drag and Drop

In a content view, drag and drop is available to move documents from a folderish document to another (like workspaces, folders, or collections).

  1. From your folder view, select the document you want to move.
  2. Click on the selected documents and drag them.
  3. Drop them on the folderish document you want.

Moving Documents Using the Clipboard

The clipboard lets you easily copy or move content from one location (workspace, folder, etc.) to another. You can add as many documents as needed to the clipboard: adding documents does not replace the previous selection, it only adds more to the clipboard list.

Copying or moving content works in batches, meaning that the whole document list is copied or moved. It is therefore not possible to chose which document in the clipboard is to be copied or moved, or not. All documents in the clipboard are treated at once.


Copying and moving documents requires to have at least Read permission on the original document and ReadWrite permission in the target workspace (see Permissions page for more information).

To copy or move document using the clipboard:

  1. On your instance, go to Browse > Domain and navigate to the desired source location (workspace, folder, etc.).
  2. In View mode, display the content you want to add to the clipboard or directly check it from the list of documents.
  3. Click on the Add to Clipboard Moving Documents - Clipboard Button 2 button displayed in the top bar.

    Moving Documents - Clipboard button
    Moving Documents - Clipboard button

    The selected content is added to the clipboard and the icon displays a notification icon Moving Documents - Clipboard Notification showing how much documents are in the clipboard.

    In the clipboard, the list of documents persists even when you log out and log back in.

  4. Go back to Browse > Domain and navigate to the desired target location.

  5. Go to Clipboard.
    The list of added documents displays in the left panel.

    Click the Remove icon next to a document to remove it from the list.

    Moving Documents - Clipboard Actions
    Moving Documents - Clipboard Actions

  6. Click on the:
    • Copy button to copy documents to the target location.
      Documents are copied and are present in both source and target locations.
    • Move button to move documents to the target location.
      Documents are moved from the source location to the target location. The source location is emptied of the selected documents.
      Both actions empty the clipboard.

Working with copied documents

Once documents have been copied or moved using the clipboard, please note that they have their own working logic. Applying tags, versions, comments, etc., on a copied document is done on the working document itself. It is not shared between the source and target document.

Managing Attachments

Replacing an Attachment

  1. From your document view, click More then Replace .
    The Replace File pop-up appears.
  2. Drag and drop the file in the zone or click Upload main file.
  3. Click Replace.

Removing an Attachment

  1. From your document view, click More then Remove .
    The Remove File pop-up appears.
  2. Click Yes to confirm.


Comments enable users to discuss the document and its evolution. To have better collaboration on content, users can create, edit, and delete threaded comments on documents.

Creating a Comment

In the Comments section of the Document view, type your comment and click on

Please note that comments are not indexed yet.

Replying to a Comment

You can reply to your comments and to comments from other users. However, replies cannot be indented further than a 2-level thread.

To reply to a comment:

Click on next to the comment you want to reply to. Type your comment and click on

Editing a Comment or a Reply

You cannot edit comments from other users. However, you can reply to them.

To edit a comment or a reply:

  1. Click on Edit.
  2. Modify your comment or reply and click on The mention (edited) will figure on your edited comment or reply.

Deleting a Comment or a Reply

  1. Click on
  2. Click on Delete.
    A confirmation pop-up appears.
  3. Click on Delete to confirm. Your comment has been deleted.

Please note that when a comment is deleted, all related replies are deleted too. Also deleting a comment is a permanent action, they cannot be restored.