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Updated: December 15, 2022

Welcome to the Release Notes for Nuxeo Drive 5.2.10

Status: Release


Fix Synchronization of Files Whose Name Contains a Quote on MS Windows

An issue was preventing the correct synchronization of files containing special characters on Windows, it's now fixed.

 More on JIRA ticket NXDRIVE-2782.

Review Upgrade and Downgrade Mechanism

We have improved the behavior when deciding to upgrade or downgrade your Nuxeo Drive version.

 More on JIRA ticket NXDRIVE-2765.


Share Debug Info

At start up, a popup is asking if you want to share anonymous bug report and allow advanced analytics, which are 2 options that we strongly recommend to enable. They are now both disabled by default and it's up to you to enable them.

 More on JIRA ticket NXDRIVE-2735.