Client Applications

Global Configuration

Updated: July 11, 2024

Some settings used by Nuxeo Drive can be configured globally from the Nuxeo server.

They are set in a JSON configuration file located in the drive template of the nuxeo-drive package. They can be changed by updating the $NUXEO_SERVER/templates/drive/nxserver/config/nuxeo-drive-config.json file and restarting the server, after which they will be taken into account by the Nuxeo Drive clients shortly.

The configuration is available in the JSON format through a GET request to the REST API endpoint $NUXEO_URL/api/v1/drive/configuration.

Note that these settings can be overridden locally through the config.ini file.

Here is what the default nuxeo-drive-config.json file looks like:

  "channel": "centralized",
  "delay": 30,
  "ignored_prefixes": [".", "icon\r", "thumbs.db", "desktop.ini", "~$"],
  "ignored_suffixes": [".bak", ".crdownload", ".lock", ".nxpart", ".part", ".partial", ".swp", ".tmp", "~", ".dwl", ".dwl2"],
  "ignored_files": ["^atmp\\d+$"],
  "log_level_file": "DEBUG",
  "ui": "web",
  "update_check_delay": 3600

All available parameters and their description are listed on that page: Configuration Parameters.