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Updated: June 20, 2024

Welcome to the Release Notes for Nuxeo Drive 5.2.3

Status: Release



Crash on Invalid Locale

The previous version, 5.2.2, started to crash on the latest macOS upgrade (11.4) because of an unknown OS locale passed to the application. We quickly fixed it and the error is now ignored when it happens.

 More on JIRA ticket NXDRIVE-2714.


Idempotent Requests

HTTP calls mades to FileManager.Import and NuxeoDrive.CreateFile operations are now always using idempotent requests. It will help preventing duplicate creations and improving a lot the upload experience on network glitches or computer/application crashes.

The behavior can still be disabled by setting use-idempotent-requests to False.

 More on JIRA ticket NXDRIVE-2717.

Custom SSL Certificate

Custom SSL certificate management has been completely reviewed. When such a certificate is defined, it will be append to the already known Certificate Authorities (CA) integrated in the application. It was done to ease integration work for customers having custom certificates that still need original CA. Before, when a custom certificate was used, original CA were completely discarded, which worked for most of users.

The application will automatically take care of handling certificate changes so that sysadmin/users do not need to think about it anymore.

 More on JIRA ticket NXDRIVE-2695.

Direct Transfer


Fetch All Children

When selecting a remote folder in the tree view, sometimes not all folderish documents were displayed. This was a due to a unoptimized implementation. The new implementation is more efficient and will always fetch all documents of a selected document.

As a positive side-note, the small arrow on the left of each document's name is now displayed only if the document contains at least one subfolder.

 More on JIRA ticket NXDRIVE-2674.