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Alerts are emails automatically sent to users when an event occurs in a space to enable you to follow the activity of a document or a space.

When you follow a document or a space activity, you get an email when the events below happen:

  • Creation: you get an email when some content is created in the space
  • Modification: you receive an email every time the space or its content is edited
  • Workflow changed: you receive an email for each action that happens during a review (start, abandon, document approval, document rejection)
  • Approval workflow started: you receive an email every time an approval workflow is started
  • Comments moderation: you receive an email when a comment is approved on a site
  • Publish: you receive an email when a document is published in the specified section
  • Share: you receive an email when a document has been shared with you by its principal author or by another user.

    The publish event is available in sections only. The other events are available in workspaces only.

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