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Reassigning a Task

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If you think that you should not be responsible for a task, you can reassign it. Reassignment should not be confused with delegation.

You can reassign a task from the Task tab.

To reassign a task from Task tab:

  1. Click on the task to you want to reassign.
  2. Click Start Review.
  3. Click Reassign. The Reassignment form is displayed in a pop-up.
  4. In the Users field, type the name of a user or group.
  5. Click on the user or group you want to reassign the task to.
  6. Optional: Repeat these steps as many times as you want to reassign the task.
  7. Optional: Type a comment for the assignee(s).
  8. Click on the Reassign button. The task is no longer displayed in your Tasks tab.
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