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HOWTO: Use Web UI Internal Events

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You can fire a couple of events from your extensions/contributions in order to tell the Web UI to perform some actions. Here are the common and useful ones:

Event name Purpose Context Event details
navigate Navigate to a document Can be fired from anywhere doc: the document to navigate to
notify Toast a message Can be fired from anywhere message: the message to be toasted
document-updated Refresh the current document Can be fired from anywhere
refresh Refresh the current listing Can be fired in result listings
refresh-display Refresh the current listing and keep selected items Can be fired in result listings

As a reminder, you can fire your custom events

  • with Polymer 2 legacy syntax:
    this.fire('navigate', {
     doc: this.document
  • with Polymer 2 ES6 class-based syntax:
    const event = new CustomEvent('navigate', {
     composed: true,
     bubbles: true,
     detail: {
         doc: this.document
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