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Web UI Diff

Updated: May 23, 2024

Diff comes by default with Web UI, and it allows two documents to be compared side-by-side at the same time. It does not depend on the Nuxeo Diff addon.

Diff for Web UI works by comparing the JSON structure of the documents using the jsondiffpatch library, then iterating through each field common to both documents, and representing the difference with a dedicated element, henceforth referred to as "diff element".

Contributing Custom Diff Elements

These elements are registered in a non-vulcanized file, which is loaded by the Diff page. By default, this file contains diff elements to represent fields of type date, document, user, directory and blob, but custom elements can be registered to represent fields with specific types or names:

Nuxeo.Diff.registerElement('nuxeo-blob-diff', {type: 'blob'});
Nuxeo.Diff.registerElement('nuxeo-blob-diff', {property: 'file:content'});

A custom diff element must extend the Nuxeo.DiffBehavior and should include the nuxeo-diff-styles module:

<dom-module id="my-custom-diff-element">
    <style include="nuxeo-diff-styles">
      /* ... */
    <!-- ... -->

      is: 'my-custom-diff-element',
      behaviors: [Nuxeo.DiffBehavior]

Considerations When Creating Custom Diff Elements

A diff element is responsible for displaying the field's label, the value and any differences in the value, but Nuxeo.DiffBehavior provides several helpers to aid in this task. A displayLabel boolean property is present to determine whether the label must be displayed or not, and several methods are supplied to determine the several different conditions in which the value must be represented:

  • no changes: only the raw value must be displayed; this condition can be checked with the _hasNoChanges method
  • changes:
    • additions: an addition ocurred, checked with the _hasAddition method
    • deletions: a deletion ocurred, checked with the _hasDeletion method
    • modifications: the value was modified, checked with the _hasModification method

In case of representing the differences of a value of type Object, the following conditions must also be covered:

  • object with inner changes: there were changes in one of the properties of the value, which might have additions and/or deletions
  • arrays with inner changes: there were changes in one ore more of the the array elements, which in some cases might require a dedicated element to represent these differences

Please check the source code for the elements representing differences on users and arrays of users for implementation examples.