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Web UI Workflow Tasks

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Workflow Tasks

Each workflow task has its own form defined by a dedicated element. This form is excluded from the vulcanization process and is therefore dynamically loaded.

In the $NUXEO_SERVER/nxserver/nuxeo.war/ui/ directory, you can see:

└── workflow
    ├── nuxeo-document-task.html
    ├── nuxeo-document-task-review-result.html
    ├── paralleldocumentreview
    │   ├── nuxeo-task2169-layout.html
    │   ├── nuxeo-task2556-layout.html
    │   └── nuxeo-task328d-layout.html
    └── serialdocumentreview
        ├── nuxeo-task38e-layout.html
        ├── nuxeo-task542-layout.html
        └── nuxeo-task6d8-layout.html

By convention, a $NUXEO_SERVER/nxserver/nuxeo.war/ui/workflow/{worfklowName}/nuxeo-{taskId}-layout.html file defines the form layout of the task with task ID {taskId} for the workflow {worfklowName}.

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