Downloading Files

Updated: July 9, 2024

This page describes the logic for building the correct URL to download a file stored on a Nuxeo Document.

The structure of a download URL is made of:

  • The server URL:
  • The download servlet: nxfile (note that nxbigfile is also accepted for compatibility with older versions)
  • The repository name and document id: default/776c8640-7f19-4cf3-b4ff-546ea1d3d496
  • An optional file designator, either using a blobholder index, or an explicit blob property name (blobholder:0, blobholder:1, file:content, files:files/0/file, etc.)
  • An optional filename, to force the name under which you want the file to be downloaded
  • An optional ?inline=true parameter to force the download to be made with Content-Disposition: inline, which means that the content will be displayed in the browser (if possible) instead of being download.

Here are some examples:

  • The main file of the document:
  • The main file of the document with a different name:
  • An attached file of the document:
  • A file stored in the given property:
  • A file stored in the given complex property, downloaded with a specific filename:
  • The main file of the document inside the browser instead of being downloaded:

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