HOWTO: Override Existing Document Types

Updated: May 23, 2024

Any built-in document type can be overridden: you just have to use the good ID, inherit the good type and add some necessary schemas and facets. We provide a table that should give you all necessary information.

When inheriting from a document type, you inherit its schemas and facets. For instance, when inheriting from Document, you get the dublincore schema (that holds the title, description, modification date, ... metadata), as well as common (that holds the size of the doc) and uid (that holds version information and ID).

Deployment Mode
Be careful to select the Override deployment mode from the Advanced Configuration section on the Definition tab of your document type in Nuxeo Studio. If you leave the Merge mode, you would get both your customizations and the default behavior of the document type instead of only your own customizations.
Override Mode in Studio
Override Mode in Studio

Below are the document types provided by the default Nuxeo Platform, the Document Management and Digital Asset Management modules.

Document type label Document type ID Inherits from Necessary schemas Necessary facets Additional comments
Audio Audio Document common, dublincore, uid Audio, Commentable, NXTag, Publishable, Versionable Available when using the DAM addon.
Collection Collection Document common, dublincore, uid Collection, NotCollectionMember, Versionable
Collections Collections Folder NotCollectionMember
Domain Domain Folder domain NotCollectionMember, SuperSpace
File File Document common, dublincore, file, files, uid Commentable, Downloadable, HasRelatedText, Publishable, Versionable
Folder Folder Document common, dublincore Folderish
HiddenFolder HiddenFolder Folder HiddenInNavigation
Note Note Document common, dublincore, files, note, uid Commentable, HasRelatedText, Publishable, Versionable
OrderedFolder OrderedFolder Folder Orderable
Picture Picture Document common, dublincore, uid Commentable, HasRelatedText, NXTag, Picture, Publishable, Versionable Available when using the DAM addon.
Relation Relation dublincore, relation
Root Root Folder NotCollectionMember
Section Section Folder file PublishSpace, SuperSpace The SuperSpace facet is required for children documents to get default notifications configured in the Alerts tab.
SectionRoot SectionRoot Folder HiddenInCreation, MasterPublishSpace, NotCollectionMember, SuperSpace
TemplateRoot TemplateRoot Folder HiddenInCreation, NotCollectionMember, SuperSpace
Video Video Document common, dublincore, uid, files Commentable, HasStoryboard, HasVideoPreview, NXTag, Publishable, Versionable, Video Available when using the DAM addon.
Workspace Workspace Folder file, files, publishing, webcontainer SuperSpace The SuperSpace facet is required for children documents to get default notifications configured in the Alerts tab.
WorkspaceRoot WorkspaceRoot Folder HiddenInCreation, NotCollectionMember, SuperSpace

The Alert tab is currently only available on JSF UI, which is deprecated since Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019 (10.10). It is planned to be integrated in Nuxeo Web UI.

You can also browse the contributions to the Type extension for more document types.