LTS 2021.11 / LTS 2021-HF11

Updated: June 14, 2024

What's New in LTS 2021.11 / LTS 2021-HF11

Nuxeo Server

Core Storage

SystemDocument on Core Management Documents dev

The facet SystemDocument has been added on core management documents.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30544

Bulk Action for Mongo Read ACL Propagation dev admin

Mongo Read ACL propagation are now updated with a BAF action.
There are several benefits to this change: improve the performances for larges repositories, preserve the platform availability during the ACL propagation, improve the monitoring and error management.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30426

Configuration of Custom S3 Truststore dev

New configuration properties have been added to allow the configuration of a custom S3 truststore:

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-28162

Core Repository

MongoDB queryAndFetch Timeout on Counting Match dev

MongoDB query will now return with a total count of -2 when it cannot be computed within the MongoDB socket time out (likely because there are too many results to be fetch within the timeout).

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30633


Redis Availability Checking at Nuxeo Startup dev

Redis availability is checked at startup just like a SQL DB or MongoDB Backing Service.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-22842

Major Bug Fixes

Fix Operation Repository.Query When Parameter searchTerm is provided with an empty string dev

The operation Repository.Query handles the parameter 'searchTerm' set to an empty string.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-29097

Retention Addon - Expire Stream Not Processing dev admin

RetentionExpiredComputation does not fail anymore on deleted or unknown documents.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30651

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