LTS 2021.10 / LTS 2021-HF10

Updated: June 14, 2024

What's New in LTS 2021.10 / LTS 2021-HF10

Nuxeo Server

Core Storage

Improve the Authentication Performances With MongoDB Indexes admin dev

We improved the authentication performances by adding default new MongoDB indexes on the oauth2Tokens collection: accessToken and serviceName fields.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30610

Packaging / Distribution / Installation

Tomcat 9.0.54 dev admin

The Nuxeo Platform now relies on Tomcat 9.0.54.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30646

Major Bug Fixes

Fix CoreSession Association Error After Executing Multi-Repo Page Provider

A search using a multi-repo page provider now returns all the documents from all repositories.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30615

Escape/Sanitize the First Malicious Character of a Cell in a CSV Export to Avoid CSV Injection

Following the Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP) recommendation, the first malicious character of a cell in a CSV export is now sanitized to avoid CSV injection.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30590

Batch Upload Fails When Using gridfsbinaries Template

Batch Upload now supports GridFS binary manager.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30618

WOPI - Fix Download With WOPI Integration

Downloads in the WOPI iframe is now allowed.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30229

Previously, for instances with versioning turned on, only the creator can edit a record after legal hold removal or after retention period expired.

Any granted user can do it now (as we disabled automatic versioning for all records documents).

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30453

JSF UI - Fix Document Count

When repository had more than 10,000 documents, the Admin panel of the JSF UI was only showing 10,000 as the number of documents.

Elasticsearch document count is now accurate in JSF admin center.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-30568

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