Updated: March 6, 2024

Representation of a list of ACLs (Access Control List).

Resource Representation

  "entity-type": "acls",
  "acls": [
      "name": string,
      "ace": [
          "id": string,
          "username": string,
          "permission": string,
          "granted": boolean,
          "creator": string,
          "begin": datetime,
          "end": datetime,
  "contextParameters": object
Property Name Value Description Notes
entity-type string The entity type name. Value: the fixed string "acls".
acls[] list The list of ACLs (Access Control List).
acls[].name string The ACL name.
acls[].ace[] list The list of the ACL ACEs (Access Control Entry).
acls[].ace[].id string The ACE id.
acls[].ace[].username string The ACE username.
acls[].ace[].permission string The ACE permission.
acls[].ace[].granted boolean Whether the ACE is granted.
acls[].ace[].creator string The ACE creator.
acls[].ace[].begin datetime The ACE begin date (W3C date-time).
acls[].ace[].end datetime The ACE end date (W3C date-time).
acls[].ace[].status string The ACE status. Value: pending, effective or archived.
contextParameters object A collection of key-value pairs filled by enabled enrichers. Optional