Updated: March 6, 2024

The Nuxeo REST API is available on a Nuxeo Server.
All endpoints follow the URL:


This page explains the organization and scope of the existing endpoints and other additional mechanisms which extend the behavior of the API.

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Get the default-domain document by its path:

curl -u Administrator:Administrator

Scope and Concepts

The Nuxeo REST API is the best way to remotely integrate portals, workflow engines, Enterprise Service Bus (ESBs) and custom applications written in JavaScript, Ruby, etc, with a Nuxeo Server.

See Endpoints for more detailed information on the provided endpoints and how to contribute your own.

Additional Features

The Nuxeo REST API offers several additional features compared to a standard REST API:

  • The use of Content enrichers in request headers which allow you to request more information with the returned resources (for example, receiving all of a document's children in addition to the document itself).
  • The use of Web Adapters which transform the resources returned (for example, getting all the tasks of a document, or its related documents).
  • The ability to pipe command calls on a resource.

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Available Client SDKs

We provide several client SDKs to make it even easier to use the API integrated with the Nuxeo Platform: