Fulltext Endpoint

Updated: March 6, 2024

Extract Fulltext From Binary

POST /management/fulltext/extract

Body Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description Notes
query string An NXQL query. Optional
force boolean Force option. Optional

The default query skip proxies that don't hold any fulltext and avoid to run extraction on document without downloadable binaries:

    ecm:isProxy = 0 AND ecm:mixinType = 'Downloadable'

The force option can be used when changing the configuration in order to nullify binary fulltext on documents that are excluded with the new configuration. force is false by default.


If successful, returns a bulk status entity representing the bulk action status.

The recompute status can be monitored using the Bulk Endpoint.

Status Codes**

  • 200 OK - Success.


Run extraction of all binaries (blobs) referenced by documents, forcing nullify of existing fulltext:

curl -X POST -u Administrator:Administrator \
http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/api/v1/management/fulltext/extract -d "force=true"
   "entity-type": "bulkStatus",
   "commandId": "6264cde7-03aa-4f6d-819d-960e3ef3bb12",
   "state": "SCHEDULED",
   "processed": 0,
   "error": false,
   "errorCount": 0,
   "total": 0,
   "action": "extractBinaryFulltext",
   "username": "system",
   "submitted": "2023-02-02T12:10:07.567Z",
   "scrollStart": null,
   "scrollEnd": null,
   "processingStart": null,
   "processingEnd": null,
   "completed": null,
   "processingMillis": 0

Note that in the log you will have a trace like:

WARN  [ExtractBinaryFulltextObject] Extracting Binary Fulltext: command: 6264cde7-03aa-4f6d-819d-960e3ef3bb12, query: SELECT * FROM Document WHERE ecm:isProxy = 0 AND ecm:mixinType = 'Downloadable', force: true