Management Endpoint

Updated: November 18, 2021

The Nuxeo Management REST API is a set of endpoints allowing the management of the Nuxeo Platform.



The Management REST API is accessible for any administrator user.

Furthermore, a "technical" user can be configured to access the Management REST API in nuxeo.conf:

The user does not need to exist in Nuxeo, and must start with transient/ as we are relying on the transient user feature.

Once you have created the user, configure a JWT secret in nuxeo.conf:


Then, to use the Management REST API:

  • Share the JWT secret (abracadabra here) between the Nuxeo Server and the client calling the Management REST API,
  • Generate a JWT token with the user (transient/technical_user here) as claim subject,
  • Call the API using the Authorization: Bearer JWT_TOKEN header.

Deploy the Management REST API on a Separate HTTP Port

For security reasons, it is recommended to deploy the Management REST API on a different port from the regular Nuxeo application one.

For instance, to configure the HTTP port to 9090, in nuxeo.conf add:



Here are the endpoints provided by the Management REST API.

Name Endpoint Description
Binaries /binaries Binaries management.
Bulk /bulk Bulk actions management.
Distribution /distribution Distribution information.
Elasticsearch /elasticsearch Elasticsearch management.
Pictures /pictures Picture views recomputation.
Probes /probes Probes information.
Thumbnails /thumbnails Thumbnails recomputation.
WorkManager /work-manager Works in failure reprocessing.

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