Updated: November 18, 2021

Here are the endpoints provided by the Nuxeo REST API.

Name Endpoint Description
Automation /automation Call an operation or chain of operations deployed on the server.
Batch Upload /upload Upload a set of files to use them in a transactional operation.
Data Model /config Introspection of the facets, schemas and document types.
Directory /directory CRUD on directories.
Document Id /id CRUD on documents by id.
Document Path /path CRUD on documents by path.
Group /group CRUD on groups.
Management /management Management REST API.
OAuth 2.0 /oauth2 CRUD on OAuth 2.0 clients, providers and tokens.
Search /search Perform searches by query or page provider and save searches.
Task /task Handle tasks.
User /user CRUD on users.
Workflow /workflow Handle workflows.

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