Updated: March 6, 2024

Representation of a Task.

Resource Representation

  "entity-type": "task",
  "id": string,
  "name": string,
  "workflowInstanceId": string,
  "workflowModelName": string,
  "workflowInitiator": string | User entity,
  "workflowTitle": string,
  "workflowLifeCycleState": string,
  "graphResource": string,
  "state": string,
  "directive": string,
  "created": datetime,
  "dueDate": datetime,
  "nodeName": string,
  "targetDocumentIds": [
    string | Document entity
  "actors": [
    { "id": string } | User entity
  "delegatedActors": [
    { "id": string } | User entity
  "comments": {
    "author": string,
    "text": string,
    "date": datetime
  "variables": object,
  "taskInfo": {
    "allowTaskReassignment": boolean,
    "taskActions": [
        "name": string,
        "url": string,
        "label": string,
        "validate": boolean
  "layoutResource": {
    "name": string,
    "url": string
  "schemas": [
      "name": string,
      "url": string
  "contextParameters": object
Property Name Value Description Notes
entity-type string The entity type name. Value: the fixed string "task".
id string The task id.
name string The task name.
workflowInstanceId string The workflow instance id.
workflowModelName string The workflow model name. Optional
workflowInitiator string
or object
The workflow initiator id.
Or the workflow initiator user entity, if the fetch property workflowInitiator is set.
workflowTitle string The workflow title. Optional
workflowLifeCycleState string The workflow life cycle state. Optional
graphResource string The workflow graph resource URL. Optional
state string The task life cycle state.
directive string The task directive.
created string The time at which the task was created (W3C date-time).
dueDate string The time at which the task is due (W3C date-time).
nodeName string The task node name.
targetDocumentIds[] list The list of target document ids.
Or the list of target document entities, if the fetch property targetDocumentIds is set.
actors[] list The list of actor ids.
Or the list of actor user entities, if the fetch property actors is set.
delegatedActors[] list The list of delegated actor ids.
Or the list of delegated actor user entities, if the fetch property actors is set.
comments[] list The list of comments.
comments[].author string The comment author id.
comments[].text string The comment text.
comments[].date datetime The comment date (W3C date-time).
variables object A collection of key-value pairs of task variables.
taskInfo object The task information. Optional
taskInfo.allowTaskReassignment boolean Whether the task can be reassigned. Optional
taskInfo.taskActions[] list The list of task actions. Optional
taskInfo.taskActions[].name string The action name. Optional
taskInfo.taskActions[].url string The action URL. Optional
taskInfo.taskActions[].label string The action label. Optional
taskInfo.taskActions[].validate boolean Whether the action bypass validation. Optional
layoutResource object The task layout resource. string The layout name.
layoutResource.url string The layout resource URL.
schemas[] list The list of task schemas.
schemas[].name string The schema name.
schemas[].url string The schema resource URL.
contextParameters object A collection of key-value pairs filled by enabled enrichers. Optional