Pictures Endpoint

Updated: March 6, 2024

Recompute Picture Views

POST /management/pictures/recompute

Body Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description Notes
query string An NXQL query. Optional

The query defaults to:

SELECT * FROM Document
  WHERE ecm:mixinType = 'Picture' AND picture:views/*/title IS NULL


If successful, returns a bulk status entity representing the bulk action status of the recompute bulk action.

The recompute status can be monitored using the Bulk Endpoint.

Status Codes**

  • 200 OK - Success.
  • 409 Conflict - A recompute with an empty query is already in progress.


To recompute the picture views for the documents matching a given query:

curl -X POST -u Administrator:Administrator \
http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/api/v1/management/pictures/recompute \
-d 'query=SELECT * FROM Document WHERE ecm:mixinType = "Picture"'
   "entity-type": "bulkStatus",
   "commandId": "93baf453-5d34-4bb9-9370-54ec4ffe78b2",
   "state": "SCHEDULED",
   "processed": 0,
   "error": false,
   "errorCount": 0,
   "total": 0,
   "action": "recomputeViews",
   "username": "system",
   "submitted": "2019-07-26T12:10:07.567Z",
   "scrollStart": null,
   "scrollEnd": null,
   "processingStart": null,
   "processingEnd": null,
   "completed": null,
   "processingMillis": 0