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Configuring the Nuxeo Platform as a Daemon with Systemd

Updated: August 27, 2021

Here is a systemd script which starts Nuxeo as a daemon or like any other service after Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL.


Description=Starts and stops a single Nuxeo instance postgresql.service elasticsearch.service

ExecStart=/opt/nuxeo/bin/nuxeoctl --quiet startbg
ExecReload=/opt/nuxeo/bin/nuxeoctl --quiet restartbg
ExecStop=/opt/nuxeo/bin/nuxeoctl --quiet stop
# See MAX_OPEN_FILES in sysconfig


  1. Copy the systemd script to /etc/systemd/system/nuxeo.service, replacing paths to match your installation.
  2. Enable the autostart creating the links in the rcX.d directories running the command (as root):

    $ systemctl daemon-reload
    $ systemctl enable nuxeo
  3. Restart the machine and verify that the Nuxeo Platform is started automatically looking at the log file.

If you want to remove the automatic startup use the command (as root):

$ systemctl disable nuxeo

You can manage the service with the following command:

systemctl [start|stop|reload] nuxeo


Credits to undefined who contributed it for CentOs or SUSE.

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