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Remote Monitoring through HTTP/S

Updated: July 17, 2023

Connecting to a Web Browser

It could sometimes be useful to browse the management beans remotely using your web browser. Nuxeo embeds a web console which is accessible on the port 8081 with the operator identity and your server key as password (nuxeo.server.key)

This web console is not started by default. You can start it by invoking locally in JMX the start operation on the managed bean org.nuxeo:format=html,type=jmx-adaptor. An easy way to start the web console is to:

  • enable JMX on your server by uncommenting the Enable JMX line in your configuration (nuxeo.conf)
  • use a JMX command line such as jmxterm and run the following commands
open localhost:1089
bean org.nuxeo:format=html,type=jmx-adaptor
run start

Then you should get a page with the list of all the available beans in your server by requesting the  <span class="nolink">http://localhost:8081</span> home page.

Connecting to a JMX Client

If you need more advanced services such as those provided by the Java Mission Control application, you can connect them remotely using HTTP/S protocols through the DMK adapters. These adapters are not enabled by default and can be enabled as for the web console using the management beans org.nuxeo:protocol=jdmk-http,type=jmx-connector or org.nuxeo:protocol=jdmk-https,type=jmx-connector.

You must then add the DMK agent library com.sun.jdmk:core  to the JMX client classpath. For example, with the Java Mission Control console, you have to add the following line to the JVM arguments section in your jmc.ini.


In the Java Mission Control, create a connection using the URI service:jmx:jdmk-http://hostname:6868. You may retrieve that URI from the managed bean attribute Address .