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Default URL Patterns

Updated: October 16, 2020

This page introduces the URLs used in Nuxeo Platform and tries to bind them to services/addons.


  • /nuxeo/nxdoc: navigation by document ID in Document Management
  • /nuxeo/nxpath: navigation by document path in Document Management
  • /nuxeo/nxfile: URL to download a file
  • /nuxeo/nxbigfile: URL to download big files or automatic switch from nxfile if file size > 5 MB (default value)
  • /nuxeo/nxhome: navigation under Home tab
  • /nuxeo/nxcollab: navigation in Social Collaboration
  • /nuxeo/nxdam: navigation in DAM
  • /nuxeo/nxadmin: navigation in Admin Center

The complete list of contributions can be browsed on the explorer.

Other URLs exposed by WebEngine module are of the form /nuxeo/site/* (where * is a service offered by a WebEngine module), please refer to Default WebEngine Applications for the list of corresponding URLs.

Other URLs:

  • /nuxeo/atom/cmis : CMIS service


Other URL related documentation

URLs for Files Navigation URLs


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