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Updated: August 8, 2022

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Recently Released Changes

What's New in Web UI for LTS 2021 (version 3.0.14)

This is a bugfix release.

Noteworthy Changes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented removing documents from easyshare folders.
  • Filters are correctly reset when changing to Grid view.
  • The User Creation form is cleared when adding a new user.
  • The Close button is displayed in the Share Saved Search popup window.
  • When viewing a note, no more empty space is left at the bottom of the screen to make it more consistent with other document types.
  • Standard users won't see any HTTP 404 when calling Audit.QueryWithPageProvider on the first loading of WebUI.
  • Title of the dialog when adding a new cloud service provider entry mentions adding instead of editing.
  • Title of the popup when creating a new vocabulary entry mentions adding instead of editing.

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Previous Release Notes

Version Summary
Web UI 3.0.13 Bugfix release
Web UI 3.0.12 Bugfix release
Web UI 3.0.11 Option to append values when bulk editing
Web UI 3.0.10 Search and browse documents across multiple repositories
Web UI 3.0.9 Bulk edit large sets of documents
Web UI 3.0.8 Bugfix release
Web UI 3.0.7 Improvements to the bulk actions
Web UI 3.0.6 Select all documents and trigger bulk actions on them
Web UI 3.0.0 to 3.0.5 Upload experience for Large Files, audit entries improvements and more

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