Nuxeo Aspera Release Notes

Updated: March 18, 2024

Released Changes


Users have the option of manually "completing" a transfer, or "automatically" completing the transfer once the content has been "uploaded".

See NXP-27574.

Folder Upload Support

In addition to files, users have the ability to upload content in folders as well as files. As with files, the upload/creation honors configurations of your file import manager and will apply document types and metadata based on your business rules.

See NXP-27573.

As with files, the Nuxeo Aspera Connector relies on The Nuxeo Platform to determine the types of folders to create. Please be sure to read the Functional description to understand how this works.


Since the 2.0.x releases, many updates have been made to improve styling as well as UX for some behaviors.

See NXP-27477.

Transfer Dashboard

Improvements have been made to the transfer dashboard pagination so that users can better access transfers they have permissions to. In addition, users can now filter by transfer status.

See NXP-29406.

Performance and Stability

Since the last release, we've worked on increasing the performance and stability of the Nuxeo Aspera Connector.

There has been extensive work behind the seems to incorporate more testing as part of the development process.

See NXP-29407.

With this latest release, you can now configure the Aspera SDK URL. This will allow you to either run the latest version (with some known caveats), "lock in" a specific SDK version, or even host the SDK yourselves. See our Configuration section in the main Nuxeo Aspera Connector documentation page.

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