NEV 10.4.6

Updated: March 18, 2024

What's new in NEV 10.4.6


NEV Version 10.4.6
ARender version 4.2.0.NX1.7
Release date April 2nd 2021
Upgraded components ARender software, Previewer (ARender connector), Nuxeo addon (nuxeo-arender package)

This new version is dedicated to bug fixing.

Major Fixes

Thread Deadlock on the Document File Storage Service

Additional Deadlocks have been fixed following the initial fix NEV-399

See NEV-418.

Fix the DFS oldStyleJPG Error

Clean logs by removing irrelevant exception error in the logs of the Document File Storage service.

See NEV-404.

Fix group permission on files copied to previewer image

Since the NEV 10.3.x release, the files copied inside the docker image don't have the group write permissions which is an issue when mounting additional configuration inside /docker-entrypoint-init.d because the entrypoint can't append to destination file.

See NEV-345.