NEV 10.6.7

Updated: March 18, 2024

What's new in NEV 10.6.7


NEV Version 10.6.7
ARender version 4.4.2.NX1.6
Release date October 8th 2021
Upgraded components ARender software, Previewer (ARender connector), Nuxeo addon (nuxeo-arender package)


Create a Pool for The image-servlet-pool Thread

We have added a threadpool for the image-servlet-pool thread created by the previewer.

New properties in the rendition server side to configure the image servlet thread pool are:

#Timeout in millisecond for idle thread expiration. If value <= 0, no thread timeout is defined.

This will result in environment variables:


See NEV-476.

Make Tomcat Access Log Filename Configurable

You can now configure the access log filename prefix with the environment variable below:


If not present it fallbacks on:


If not present it fallbacks on:


See NEV-479.

Make Tomcat HTTP Connector Pool Configurable

You can now configure the maxThreads number on the HTTP connector with the environment variable below:


Its default is 800.

See NEV-480.

Add Keep Alive in Connection Pools on Rendition Side

The idle connections lifespan is now configurable in each of the micro-services on the rendition side.

Here is the property and its default value:


For example, in the Broker side the property is translated in variable environment like this :


See NEV-483.

Improve Upload Mechanism

The upload mechanism has been optimized in this version to improve global performances.

See NEV-477.

Improve Image Generations When Document-Renderer Is Overloaded

The document-renderer has been redesign to better manage memory and makes it more available to generate a larger number of images in parallel.

See NEV-485.

Add the Possibility to Turn on Java Flight Record

The new version of ARender supports a Java JDF compliant with the Java Flight Record (JFR) tool.

See NEV-484.

Add Micrometer-Metrics to Improve Metrics Scope and Visibility at Java Level

We have added Micrometer and configure a JMX reporter for the OkHttp client and others.

See NEV-488.

Make Configurable the OkHttp Connection Pool

We have added the capability to configure the connection pool by using the environment variables below:


See NEV-489.

Major Fixes

ARender Server Application Properties May Conflict

We have fixed the ARender properties mechanism to avoid any conflict when overriding the standard properties.

See NEV-473.

Videos and Audio Sporadically Not Displayed

Video (non mp4) and audio files could be not correctly displayed on ARender and required a manual refresh to be viewed.

See NEV-473.

Extension Added When Downloading the Original File From ARender

The expected behavior (adding an extension or not) is now configurable.

A new property has been added in the rendition server side to manage extension :

#If true, when downloading the source file, its name may have an extension that is determined according to the mime type.

Environment variable:


See NEV-486.

Signature Is Missing in Some PDF Documents

PDF documents with signature were previously displayed without the signature.

See NEV-453.