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Case Management with the Nuxeo Platform

Updated: March 18, 2024

The Nuxeo Platform used to feature a module dedicated to case management, called Case Management Framework. From the version 5.6 of the platform, the technology on which CMF was based, called Content Routing, has been integrated in the Platform by default to enable users to create their own routes without installing a specific module and leaving their regular content management environment.

So how to do case management with the Nuxeo Platform? It takes two steps:

  1. Developers design the different workflows you need in Studio.
  2. End users select the workflow they want to start and which users participate.

On the Studio side, developers can define the different steps of the workflow, how to go from a step to another, the different branches of the workflow, the actions available to users, their tasks etc. Their can also choose what information the Workflow tab of document should present, and how.
Documentation: Workflows in Studio

After the Studio customizations have been deployed, users can make the documents go through the workflows from their usual Nuxeo Platform environment. An example of workflow is available by default on the Nuxeo Platform
Documentation: Default Nuxeo Platform Workflows