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The Nuxeo Enterprise Platform workflow engine, a.k.a. Content Routing, aims at providing a framework and tools for automatizing some content-based organizational processes in a maintainable way. It can be used as soon as you have a multi-steps process that involves various human actors and automated steps. It will accelerate the roll-out of your realization and make it easily understandable for future evolutions. Such multi-steps process can be complex documents authoring and validation (purchase order validation, product sheet, …), form flow (such as vacation request, training requests, expenses, travel authorization), and, of course, usual office document validation process.

disabling a feature
To disable a feature, click on the toggle button at the top-right of your screen.

You should first read the Workflow pages of the Customization and Development section of the technical documentation for knowing more about workflows. On the Studio documentation area, you will find details about the Studio screens and a tutorial to start using the workflow engine.

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