Learning REST API

Updated: November 3, 2021

This tutorial teaches you how to use Nuxeo REST API using Nuxeo JavaScript Client. The tutorial is organized as follows:

  1. Prerequisites
    Everything you need to succeed in this tutorial, and more.

  2. REST API Principles
    An introduction to REST API with some simple call examples.

  3. Define a CORS Configuration
    Modify and test your CORS configuration.

  4. Log into Nuxeo Platform
    Authenticate Nuxeo using the REST API.

  5. Manipulate Documents
    Create, Read, Edit and Delete Nuxeo documents.

  6. Query and Search
    Perform searches and queries on your Nuxeo repository.

  7. Execute Business Logic Through Automation
    Create and launch an automation script.

  8. Launch a Workflow
    Create and launch a workflow.

  9. Bonus - Contribute Your Own Enricher
    Create and call your own enricher.

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